Vinum documentation

Vinum is a SQL query processor for Python, designed for data analysis workflows and in-memory analytics.

When should I use Vinum?

Vinum is running inside of the host Python process and allows to execute any functions available to the interpreter as UDFs. If you are doing data analysis or running ETL in Python, Vinum allows to execute efficient SQL queries with an ability to call native Python UDFs.

Key Features:

  • Vinum is running inside of the host Python process and has a hybrid query execution model - whenever possible it would prefer native compiled version of operators and only executes python interpreted code where strictly necessary (ie. for native Python UDFs).

  • Allows to use functions available within the host Python interpreter as UDFs, including native Python, NumPy, Pandas, etc.

  • Vinum’s execution model doesn’t require input datasets to fit into memory, as it operates on the stream batches. However, final result is fully materialized in memory.

  • Written in the mix of C++ and Python and built from ground up on top of Apache Arrow, which provides the foundation for moving data and enables minimal overhead for transferring data to and from Numpy and Pandas.

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